Phase III Testing will provide stronger data to support securing commercial agreements

LithTech is pleased to announce that it has started Phase III Testing at its Lismore (NSW) lab, which will provide the data needed to secure commercial agreements and advance discussions with several potential customers showing interest.
The trials mark an important point in the development of the Company’s patented magnesium separation technology that can significantly increase the brine extraction of critical raw materials, such as lithium, with additional opportunities in cobalt and copper.
The versatile technology can also be used to sustainably remove mining waste streams and treat wastewater while producing two valuable by-products in all use cases — hydrogen and magnesium hydroxide.

The Company anticipates the trials will deliver the following:

  • Optimisation for concurrent magnesium removal from the feed stream via production of its saleable by-products, magnesium hydroxide and hydrogen.
  • Augmentation of continuous operation of at least 40 hours, which will seek to achieve repeatable results for >90% magnesium removal & >90% acid recovery.
  • Stronger data behind the purity of the hydrogen and magnesium hydroxide.
  • Periodic hydrogen testing for volume recovered and mass balance derived production efficiency.
The results to date have been very promising and LithTech is confident that it can scale up the process to commercial levels in the near future. Further updates will be provided once the testing round is completed
LithTech is currently open to investors. Please contact the Company if you are interested in participating in the current capital raise or would like further details.
Please note, the offer is for section 708 qualified sophisticated or wholesale investors only.

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