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Who We Are

LithTech has developed a patented magnesium separation technology that significantly increases the brine extraction of critical raw materials, such as nickel, lithium, cobalt, copper, and natural graphite.

Our mission is to provide a solution to mines across the world to ensure a higher yield of limited resources and increase a strained supply chain for electric vehicle makers.

The versatile technology can also be used to sustainably remove mining waste streams and treat wastewater while producing two valuable by-products in all use cases — hydrogen and magnesium hydroxide.

Multiple Use Cases

Our groundbreaking technology has the potential to help the world’s largest mining and industrial processing companies unlock significant profits by increasing production, lowering operational costs through increased efficiencies, reducing emissions and creating two new revenue streams.

Rare Metal Extraction

Allows companies to develop more cost-effective, profitable, and environmentally friendly mining sites while also extending its operational life.

Mining Tails

Provides a novel solution to the global mining tails challenge, which has resulted in over 217trn litres in mining waste being stored globally.

Water Treatment & Desalination

Allows water treatment or desalinisation plants to operate more efficiently, which will cut energy usage costs and subsequently reduce emissions.

Hydrogen production

Hydrogen as a by-product provides an entry point into another high-growth market, with the gas emerging as a leading clean energy source, which could deliver a commercially viable avenue to net-zero.

Our Technology

Separation Technology: Developed a patented process technology that selectively separates magnesium ions from solutions.

Retrofitted Technology: The modular units can be attached onto existing infrastructure.

Higher Yields: Trials show the technology has the potential to preserve 90-95% of lithium during the extraction process, a significant increase from current methods, which achieve 40-45%. 

Operational Benefits: Significantly reduces emissions and operational costs due to increased efficiencies.

Waste-To-Revenue: Produces two valuable by-products in all use cases hydrogen and magnesium hydroxide.

Third-Party Validation: Independently endorsed from both a technical and economic perspective by the University of
Queensland’s Dow Centre.

ESG Advantages

Mining Waste

Advanced magnesium separation, delivers cost-effective, sustainable disposal of mining waste & the existing 217trn liters of tailings in storage.

Carbon Reduction

Low-emissions production of lithium, nickel and other critical raw materials by electrification and reduction of transport and manufacture of raw chemicals.

Green By-Products

Green by-products generated in all use cases, including magnesium hydroxide, which can be used as a sustainable flame retardant, & hydrogen for clean energy.

Sequesters Carbon

The process can permanently remove carbon, which makes the technology eligible for the US$760bn carbon credit market.

Cheap Clean Water

Technology can be used to treat wastewater, which can help third-world countries get access to affordable, reliable sources of water.

Preserves Resources

Fast tracking battery grade metal production while generating a higher yield of limited critical raw materials resources.

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